8 Amazing iPhone Apps to Improve Your Productivity at Work

No matter what being productive looks like for individuals, the best productivity apps can be helpful in achieving that goal. With the demands of remote work, busy schedules, and an ever-changing world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where productivity apps come in, offering tools to organize, prioritize, and manage obligations. They also assist in maintaining focus and crossing off tasks from the never-ending to-do list. Here are eight recommended apps that help improve productivity at work.

Top iPhone apps for productivity

 #1 Engross

Engross offers a helping hand to individuals seeking to enhance their focus while working remotely or managing a busy lifestyle. With its comprehensive features including a Pomodoro clock, planner, and calendar, alongside insightful statistical analysis of time usage, the app is designed to cater to your productivity needs. By utilizing Engross, users can conveniently block out notifications and functions from other apps, effectively minimizing distractions. The simplicity and minimalist design of Engross distinguish it from more complex applications, ultimately delivering a time-saving experience.

#2 Trello

Trello is an app designed to enhance collaboration and task management. It enables users to create boards, lists, and cards to efficiently organize and prioritize projects. With its user-friendly and flexible approach, Trello is an essential tool for individuals in project management roles. Its seamless workflow fosters effective collaboration with freelancers and other stakeholders involved in the projects.

#3 PDF scanner app

If you work with physical documents to a lesser or greater extent, you need a PDF scanner app. With the powerful Scanner App, you can quickly digitize any document, even docs ID. Also, this document scanning tool is able to convert PDFs to docs. Remarkably, the scan docs application provides high-quality digital copies.

#4 Evernote

Designed to assist users in staying organized with note-taking, task management, and event scheduling, Evernote offers a comprehensive solution. Users can seamlessly incorporate various types of content such as text, images, audio files, PDFs, and documents, enabling them to work flexibly from anywhere.

Featuring convenient functionalities like note-taking templates, a web clipper, and resizing and recoloring options, Evernote ensures effortless organization. With its ability to sync and rapidly search through schedules and notes across devices, users can easily stay on top of their information.

While Evernote’s free app provides basic note-taking and web-clipping features, personal and professional accounts offer expanded storage, offline access, and additional capabilities.

 #5 Forest

Having difficulty focusing on a specific task and finding yourself reaching for your smartphone? Meet Forest, an app that motivates users to reduce phone usage and prioritize tasks in a fun and engaging manner. Designed to gamify the concept of focusing, Forest allows users to grow their virtual forest by refraining from phone usage. By planting a tree and dedicating time to work, users can watch their forest flourish. This app is especially appealing to individuals who are environmentally conscious.

 #6 Freedom

Freedom is a helpful tool that effectively blocks websites and apps, assisting individuals in maintaining focus. It offers options to work offline, block the internet completely, or schedule times for blocking particular websites. Additionally, Freedom provides ambient noise, tracks session history, and allows users to make notes about completed tasks. Users can synchronize Freedom across their devices, granting them the ability to eliminate distractions wherever they may be. Premium features of Freedom include unlimited sessions and device usage, recurring scheduled sessions, as well as partner discounts.

 #7 Google Tasks

If one enjoys the satisfaction of crossing off tasks from a to-do list, Google Tasks is an app that seamlessly facilitates that process. One of its key advantages is the ability to swiftly document, view, edit, and manage tasks while on the move. The integration with both Gmail and Google Calendar proves highly beneficial for those who heavily rely on them for work purposes. Additionally, the app provides timely notifications for upcoming deadlines and allows the division of tasks into subtasks, which can be advantageous for organizing similar items.


A tool designed to seamlessly integrate apps, devices, and services, IFTTT offers a wide array of smart home, social media, and cross-post content applets to streamline online activities. Users have the ability to fully customize and tailor applets to suit their specific needs.

With over 700 automation, IFTTT optimizes efficiency and eliminates compatibility issues across various apps and devices. Brands such as Dropbox, Slack, Fitbit, and Twitter are seamlessly integrated. For instance, one can effortlessly save new iOS contacts to Google Contacts using IFTTT. Free access to IFTTT grants users access to five automation at standard speeds, while the Pro and Pro+ plans offer additional features and benefits.


In an era where increasing productivity is essential, the aforementioned apps provide a variety of beneficial tools and features to assist individuals in staying organized and juggling their various tasks. From organizing projects with Trello to blocking distractions on Freedom, these apps are designed to optimize efficiency and maximize productivity.