Under the leadership of Tom Delanoy, founder of 509, the brand has continued to operate as its distinct brand. Operations remain at Spokane headquarters. There are different 509 Goggle colors available for you, and the best one will be recommended to you by your optometrist, ophthalmologist, or neurologist. The best among them are tinted gray, brown, and purple glasses, and you also like the yellow, pink, and even blue tints. A privately held business located in Spokane, Washington, enters Polaris’ growing portfolio of products on the aftermarket, including Klim®, Kolpin®, and Pro-Armor®. Cold air from outside and hot air in your goggles can act like a cloud, so make sure you are in a dry position if you need them to be removed from your goggles. Whenever you have a chance, check if any snow is on your goggles and remove that.
Women with medium and dark hair look best on brown sunglasses. In women with red or auburn hair, they even pull out some good tones. On the other hand, black shades are perfect for fair, smart ladies. Black shades can also add warmth and allow the eyes to create contrasts to the dark or blackface. Red or pink lenses suits sunglasses. These rose-colored lenses provide enhanced driving visibility that is ideal for increased depth of field and vision. The sunglasses with red lenses minimize eye strain by blocking blue light as a favored dye among computer users and players. The increased contrast to the better perception of the depth of green can be used for partly cloudy days. Green coloring also helps high glare and block other light on sunny days. So by now, you are aware of different types of 509 goggles. Let us know about them in briefer.

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1.509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggle

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • The 509 goggles come with lens vents with Frogzskin Technology and are the most widely used goggles.
  • The Fuzion Lens Technology in the 509 goggles makes it more durable.
  • With these 509 goggles come you use HCS (High Contrast Spectrum) and protect your eyes.
  • These 509 goggles Outriggers with Latch system for a quick lens change.
  • They comprise of 45mm strap with silicone to hold the strap in place and are very comfortable.

2.509 Revolver Google (Whiteout 2019)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles are designed with new designs and technology. The 509 Revolver Google is optically superior, with the innovative swivel mechanism to make lens changes unbelievably quick for 10 seconds.
  • These 509 goggles give you peripheral views and have a lightweight frame and 509 helms “perfect match” for backcountry motoring, they are perfect for snow biking or weekend day trips, versatile style.
  • The lens in these 509 goggles is of spherical polycarbonate curves both vertically and horizontally to enhance the peripheral vision.
  • The semi-frameless Rocky Mountain glazes from the Revolver have been meticulously designed to deliver unrivaled performance, versatility, and style on all levels and are home to the snowiest in the world, in the Rocky Mountains. Crafted by snowmobilers and snow bikers of all levels for motorcyclists and snow bikers
  • The 509 goggles comprise of imported Italian lens and they do not use sub-par lenses to ruin your journey. They give you panoramic Clear VIEW dual-pane panel layer design with premium AntiFog & Anti-Scratch treated coating enables you to see the land without deformity while shielding your eyes against glare and harmful UV rays in any light condition
  • The Gaggle Frame of Revolver is a thermoplastic Urethane polymer super durable material with an anti-slip premium touch. They offer you full comfort on your skin, we use only the highest amount of three-layer foam. These glasses can be kept in extreme outside conditions.

3.509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Google (Stealth Hextant)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles use Fuzion Lens Technology and are widely in use.
  • The HCS (High Contrast Spectrum) technology lens option is also provided in these 509 goggles.
  • These 509 goggles outriggers with for quick lens change and are very durable.
  • The 509 goggles have a 45mm strap with silicone to hold the strap in place.
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is the Tear-off posts & Removable nose piece.

4.509 Kingpin Goggle (Black Ops)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • The 509 goggles come in Black color.
  • These 509 goggles use quick and are very comfortable to wear.
  • The special feature of this lens is that they have a dual-pane snow lens.

5.509 Sinister X5 Lens (Clear)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles use Fog-free lens technology and are very popular among youngsters.
  • They are used to provide improved visibility and are very comfortable.
  • These 509 goggles comprise of 4 Vents for and are very durable.

6.509 Short Straps for Sinister X5 Goggles

Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles comprise of featuring and are very rough and tough.
  • They have a quick-release velcro buckle making it more comfortable.
  • They are compatible with 509 Sinister X5/MX-5 goggles.
  • These 509 goggles are very reliable and come in new designs.


7.509 Kingpin Fuzion Offroad Google

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • The 509 goggles use Fuzion lens technology and are very useful.
  • These 509 goggles use quick-change lens technology for giving more performance.
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is that they contoured
  • They also have a removable nose mask.
  • The Silicon lined premium strap in these 509 goggles makes them more comfortable.
  • These 509 goggles are more durable and have a protective design.
  • They have storage pockets for 3 replacement lens.
  • The 509 goggles fit one pair of goggles and are very durable.
  • These 509 goggles are made up of Carbon Fiber.

8.509 Sinister X6 Goggle (Storm Chaser)

Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • The Brand new Snowmobile and Snow bike Goggle X6 Premium offer a wide range of visuals, explosive color, depth, and optical clarity and contrasts.
  • The X6 field of view covers a of motor home glasses, increased volume creates less distortion and reduces lighting and fogging.
  • These OTG glasses in these 509 goggles can be worn with or without glasses, ready for use.
  • The Sinister X6 has been treated triple-time with the Anti-Fog technology, so the view is never compromised. The Sinister X6 is a perfect 509 fit.
  • The FLLS fast lens helps in the loading system uses the front loading lens for easy modification of the lens and a single outrigger latch.

9.509 Kingpin Ignite Goggle (Whiteout)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles comprise of Dual lens technology to enhance performance.
  • These 509 goggles are Water-resistant IP57 Sonic with IP57.
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is the Thermal transparent conductive ITO lens (Indium Tin Oxide).
  • These 509 goggles are Lightweight power pack & have cable charging.
  • The continuous max time you can wear 509 goggles is for 4-5 hours.

10.509 Kingpin Goggle (Black with Yellow)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • The 509 kingpin goggles can be in seconds for optimum output in almost any light environment, thanks to the integrated clip lock system. Swap out in a vast range of colors and tints for one of our 20 different lens options. All lens options for separate purchases are available
  • These 509 goggles give an effortless performance and are Semi-fragmented kingpin goggles that were carefully designed for all levels in the Rocky Mountain range, the home of the largest snow on earth. These 509 goggles especially designed for all levels of snowmobilers and snow biking.
  • These 509 goggles comprise of technology imported Italian lens and do not ruin with a sub-par lentil on your trip. With our panoramic WIDE VIEW double-paned panel lens, you can see the plot in any lighting situation without any distortion and also shield your eyes from the rays of glare and harmful UV rays.
  • These 509 goggles come with a Kingpin goggle frame that is made of very tough Thermoplastic polymers with a high quality soft anti-glowing grip.
  • These 509 goggles are nearly indestructible and for maximum comfort on your face, we only use the highest quality of three-layer foam. Under harsh outdoor conditions, these weapons can be kept up.

11.509 Kingpin Lite Offroad Google (Hi-Vis)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles comprise of Kingpin chassis.
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is that they have quick
  • They have a single pane Lexan lens and are very comfortable.
  • They have a premium anti-fog coating and anti-scratch and are very durable.
  • These 509 goggles have optional nose masks available.

12.509 Multi Goggle Case (Black)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles come with 5 Goggle Case and are very durable.
  • They comprise of integrated
  • These 509 goggles have removable goggle barriers and are very comfortable.
  • They have one case for all goggle storage needs.
  • They have included die-cut universal action camera foam protector.
  • These are among our best sellers.

13.509 Icon Sunglasses – Matte Black 

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles have special POLARIZED LENS.
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is that they have a
  • The 509 goggles also offer a rugged hard case for protection.

14.509 Kingpin Lite Offroad Goggle (Red)

 Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles are made up of Kingpin chassis.
  • They comprise of quick
  • The special feature of these 509 goggles is that they have a single pane Lexan lens.
  • They have a premium anti-fog coating and anti-scratch to make it more durable.
  • These 509 goggles come with optional nose masks available.

15.509 Kingpin Ignite Heated Lens (Clear)

Best 509 Goggles 2020

  • These 509 goggles are among the full range of and feature heated technology the 509 Kingpin Ignite lens is available for ultimate fog-free performance.
  • Just push the button and heat the whole internal lenses to 104F quickly with the lightweight, strap-mounted rechargeable lithium-ion power pack.
  • This device has an auto interval mode of 2 minutes or an auto-interval mode with a continuous runtime rating of up to 5 hours at a maximum time to allow clear vision during the day.
  • These 509 goggles have dual-lens technology heated Ignite. The thermal transparent conductive lens (indium stain oxide) is very durable.

Hurry up! Get the best pick for you

By far you are very well aware of different 509 goggles and dunk colors are suitable for everyday use and most outdoor activities (brown/gray/green). In moderate to hot conditions, dark shades are designed primarily to cut glare and reduce eye strain. Grey lenses and green lenses do not distort colors, whereas brown lenses can contribute to minor distortion. Brown – these are good lenses in daily conditions since they improve contrast and work well under low-light conditions. Blue – Blues improve the visibility of your color while minimizing the light. They are more modern and aesthetically appealing. Green – For general purposes, green lenses are fine.

A nice trick to sink the guns in the pool and get them wet before every workout. The moisture and temperature in and outside the weapons should be controlled and fogging should be avoided. Gray dyes offer true color sensations and minimize fatigue and glare. It is the best dye for general purpose and provides the best protection against sun blocking and exposure in bright and sunny days. Amber is a good sunglass color, especially indoors, as it increases contrast. So you are ready to explore the best piece 509 goggles for you and get one for you quickly.