5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Monetizing a website or Youtube channel is sure fun. Imagine that you’re working at home, creating content for blogs and Youtube, and then gaining some money out of it. Sure it’s pleasing.

But behind it, there are a lot of processes you should walk through. Let’s talk about the blogger first.

Blogging means that you need to create a website and “feed” it by making creative content. Remember, you need to be creative and continuously make lots of articles. More articles mean that you’ll have a higher chance to grasp the proper market. And a website with lots of articles will look good for Google.

And then, when you feel like your website is ready, it’s time to apply! Finally!

Although all of this sounds so easy, don’t think about it lightly. Upon applying, you need to wait for days until getting a response from Google. Whether you’re accepted or not, Google will send you an email anyway.

As for YouTube channels, the steps are more straightforward. Now, applying to Adsense via YouTube is possible, meaning that you don’t have to access the different web pages to apply. However, Adsense does apply some strict requirements that you need to fulfil beforehand, like the number of subscribers and watch time. Make sure to pass the days without warning as well.

And after a while, you’ll get the email as previously mentioned.

When all things seem to find, and you finally got an email saying “Congratulations!”, then enjoy the experience of working with Google Adsense! But since you came to this blog, we understand that you’re here looking for alternatives.

When we’re talking about the alternatives to Adsense, the number is just too many. Every year, you can find hundreds or more ad networks working around the internet. It might be confusing to even see the available options.

So, to make everything easier and more accessible, we’ll provide the best Google Adsense alternatives that you can try right away. But before actually explaining each of the platforms, let us understand why people need the alternatives in the first place.

Why Considering The Alternatives?

If Google Adsense is so good, why there’s many people want to use the alternatives? Why are they not using what they got in the first place?

Although dealing with Adsense looks so beautiful to the eyes, the process may not be as easy as it sounds. In fact, it’s the contrary. Although many people demand absolute methods to get accepted to Google Adsense, all the writers or publishers can only suggest and give the best recommendations.

There’s no absolute way or trick to get passed Google Adsense. It requires a lot of time, resources and effort to finally make it. And those people who got accepted to Adsense already gave their best to provide the best both for Google and the readers. That’s why they got accepted.

However, despite the many tries you’ve done, and come back with zero results, you can always consider using the alternatives. There are some things to compromise, of course, but at least there’s a good way to try if you want to monetize your blog. We know that Adsense is great, and there are many methods to increase revenue from Google Adsense, but it’s not the only ad network you can work with.


Many people got rejected when they first applied for Google Adsense, and that’s pretty normal. It’s very easy to get rejected on a platform like this, especially when the competition is really tough and getting worse.

People who couldn’t get into Adsense will often look for alternatives. As long as they got into a reputable and trustable ad network, they can also gain profit as much as they would gain through Adsense.

Banned Accounts

Although you’ve just received good news about the approval, don’t let that keep you away from the main focus here: strive. After getting accepted into the program, you have to make sure to always follow the rules and policies set by Google. Google already provides each user with enough information about this, so read it thoroughly.

Google’s rules are not the strictest ones in the world, but they could make you feel a bit afraid. Banning might happen for several causes, like restricted niches, clicking your own ads, etc. Since re-registering a new account will be much harder (since Google will remember the reason why you were banned), the alternatives are often seen to be a good start.

Want More Diversity

When used properly and effectively, variation in the ads may be a great way to optimize your ad revenue. They also help in raising the eCPMs.

Lacks of Ad Types

As an ad network, Adsense feels great in bringing more potential ad revenue. However, one of the main points it lacks is ad types. The platform generally offers contextual ads, which most of the time great, but do not always look good. Since people want ads that are suitable for their sites, the alternatives may work better since they can offer variations of ads they can use.

This can help them in designing their website better so the visitors would find it comfy and not intrusive.

High MInimal Payout

Google Adsense also has a certain rule about the payout. Users will only be able to take their earnings out after they reached $100. If less, the users have to work more and more until it reaches that point, which could probably take a long time.

68% Revenue Share

On every profit earned through the ads, 68% will go to you, while the rest is to Google. It seems fair if you have a website with only a few views per month. However, if you already established and gain millions of monthly views, you’d like to try to get into the other better alternatives which can pay much better.

Limited Language Support

Although everyone sure knows what is Google, Adsense does have limitations in language support. So, publishers who work on the platforms in languages that are not supported, have to look for alternatives.

It’s normal to think that most publishers would pick Adsense as their top ad network since it’s Google, a giant company in the business. However, due to the complexity, strict policies, and how hard it is to get into the program, the alternatives can look more appealing to the eye.

By using the alternatives, you may find some unique ways to drive more traffic, gain more income, and have more flexibility in designing the website.

What to Look For

If you want to look for alternatives, there are several aspects that you need to look into.

First, the ad network size. The bigger the size of an ad network, the better it is for advertisers and publishers. On the advertisers’ side, they may have a greater chance to use contextual ads on the appropriate platforms. Since contextual ads are one of the most valuable types of ads, with proper optimization, you can earn great profit in no time.

Second, the ads type. It’s always better to have an ad network that has more than three ad types. That way, the publishers can play around and keep experimenting to find what’re the proper ads that suitable for their platforms. That way, they can earn profit in a more fun way.

Third, is the payment system. Each ad network may have a different payment system used. Some use CPC, which is Cost Per Click, while others use CPM, Cost Per Mile. Other than those, there are also other systems that might be implemented by certain ad networks. Again, the more options available, the better it is for the publishers.

Fourth, the minimum traffic requirement. We have to know the basic logic first. If an ad network demands a high view per month, it’s logical that the publishers may have a chance to obtain greater profits compared to the ad networks that don’t apply the same rules. With no rules, everyone can enter the market, and the price, in this case, CPM or CPC, will fall to the ground. But, it’s still a good start for beginner publishers who want to feel what it’s like to monetize a platform.

Last but not the least, the payment terms. Usually, ad networks will pay publishers once every 30, 60, or 90 days. And of course, the first option is always the best since you can get monthly earnings. Aside from the terms, the payment options are also important. Everyone doesn’t use the same payment options every time, so it’s always best to look for ad networks that can accommodate the payments in different ways.

After considering all of the aspects, we’ve come to the list of the 5 best Google Adsense alternatives. Without further ado, check the best options below:

The Best 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

There are so many ways to monetize your website. So if you didn’t get accepted to Google Adsense, don’t let your hopes down. Some alternatives are still considered great, especially if you’re willing to put out some work on them. Here are some best options we highly recommend:

1 – CodeFuel

One of the most recommended ad networks by so many publishers is CodeFuel. This ad network pays really well and has a great CPM rate that works for most people. However, in order to be accepted, you have to fulfil the requirements beforehand, which is having a project with a value of around $10,000. Yes, it’s not that easy.

However, due to the features and functionalities, it can offer, CodeFuel, as a n established as network, is still proven to be an effective Google Adsense alternative that works and pays really well. They have to set the high requirement to filter publishers. They only want the best publishers to work with. And since 2014, CodeFuel has already collaborated with more than a thousand publishers and advertisers around the world.

Reaching the most optimum profit is definitely possible with CodeFuel as its offers various monetization methods that don’t stop on the website only. Aside from that asset, you can also have a chance to monetize your browser extension and applications. With all these assets monetized, you can have much bigger profits even when compared to Adsense.


  • The UI is simple and straightforward
  • Has variety in ads format
  • Analytic tools are already presented.


  • High requirements to join.

What They Said About It

The experience of using CodeFuel is great. The advertisers may have a great time working with professional publishers, while the publishers may also have an opportunity to massively increase their ad revenue through various optimization and monetization methods. However, due to how high the requirements are, it’s a great chance for medium-sized or big publishers to join in.

Visit CodeFuel

2 – SHE Media

As the second option, we have SHE Media Partner Network, which is highly focused on the niches related to girls or women in general. If you’re a female who wants to work in an environment that highly respects woman’s values, this is the ad network to work with.

SHE Media not only work with women-focused publishers but also with entrepreneurs and content creators. The company was founded with the base to amplify the social impact of women. And thanks to their values, publishers can connect with bigger and greater companies around the world who see things in a similar way.


  • Focus towards the women’s market and publishers
  • Has a great connection to more than 50 million monthly views obtained around the world.
  • Has a great variety of monetization options, which open new opportunities for publishers to gain new income in different ways.


  • High requirements to join (publishers need to have at least 20 K monthly page views)
  • Focuses only on niches related to women, not suitable to all kinds of publishers.

What They Said About It

Due to the high requirement, the level of competition in SHE Media is pretty healthy. Bigger publishers may easily feel a difference in their revenue after creating and publishing content related to women. However, since it focuses solely on one thing, the ad network is definitely not working for all publishers.

Visit SHE Media

3 – Skimlinks

Next, we have Skimlinks, which is another great option if you want to make some money through affiliate links. With Skimlinks, it’s highly possible to put on some affiliate links and use them on your website.

Once clicked, the ad network will reward it immediately. After getting accepted, you can also be directly connected to more than 50,000 advertisers around the world. And since the size is considerably big, Skimlinks is a great way to start.


  • Great connection with lots of advertisers around the world
  • The approval is fast
  • Automated affiliation process


  • Publishers will only receive 75% of the revenue
  • Traffic requirement is also high

What They Said About It

Many publishers said that Skimlinks might be better than Adsense if the publishers want to create additional sources of income through affiliate links. The process is also automatic, which makes everything goes smoother.

Visit Skimlinks

4 – RevContent

Moving on, we have RevContent on our list. Many people often praise RevContent for its good connection with clients around the world. These clients are willing to pay publishers a high price if they find the platform fitting.

In choosing the publishers, they have to curate each one of the applying publishers. And after approval, you can use the functional feature that the ad network has to offer, like checking the SEO performance, and tools to optimize it.


  • Has a good CPC rate
  • Uses a direct bidding system
  • Doesn’t depend on cookies
  • Quick approval process.


  • High traffic requirement

What They Said About It

What people think about RevContent is generally good. It has a good rate of CPC, which is nice, and the tools provided here are just enough to keep the ads stay optimized as they should have. However, the traffic requirement might be high for most publishers, so this ad network is mostly recommendable to medium-sized or larger publishers who want to have a constant source of income.

Visit RevContent

5 – BuySellAds

Now, if you want to use an ad network that works and feels familiar, BuySellAds might be the best one for you. And similar to the other ad networks we’ve explained previously, BuySellAds also put on some requirements that you need to fulfil first.

When applying for the partnership, their team will evaluate your website and check whether the website suits their standards or not. Even after approval, they also got a team that will curate the ads to display. Any emails related to the sponsor will also be curated. It’s like having a manager, which is great.

BuySellAds also often drive their publishers to design their blogs better than before. As the advertisers love to work with professional publishers, aesthetics is really an important aspect to think about.


  • Bidding price can be controlled
  • Full Transparency


  • Publishers only take 75% of the total profit
  • High requirement for monthly views.

What They Said About It

While the barrier to getting into the ad network is really high, which is around 100,000 views per month, BuySellAds can be a great place that can connect publishers directly to advertisers. Since publishers are allowed to adjust their own prices, the whole system feels like a marketplace.

Visit BuySellAds


And that’s all we can say about the 5 best Google Adsense alternatives. As explained before, there are some criteria that you should think about before actually choosing an ad network. So, think about these aspects very carefully before you apply. Good luck!